A beautiful reminder from Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari’s Hikam:

“If you make intense supplication

and the timing of the answer is delayed,

do not despair of it.

His reply to you is guaranteed;

but in the way He chooses,

not the way you choose,

and at the moment He desires,

not the moment you desire.”

Also, a while back, one of our beloved teachers’ (may Allah bless and increase him) inspired me with the following:

“Al-Habib Ali al-Habashi said in one of his poems:
If your request is delayed there is no doubt
that in that delay maybe all you wish for. “

Allah subhanahu wa’ tala works in mysterious ways, and we must know that our call to Him is guaranteed. The fruits of being patient can indeed be beyond our imagination, as long as we endure the period Allah subhanahu wa’ tala wants us to be patient.  However, being patient can be very tough, and as Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (may Allah bless and preserve him) said in one of his talks that patience can be very bitter and we shouldn’t expect to see the fruits straight away!

May Allah subhanahu wa’ tala grants us the best of patience in all our affairs. Amin!