If you are one who loves because of what you receive, then (know that) there is no graciousness, favor, honor, or provision bestowed upon you or any other creature but that God the Exalted has favored you with it purely through His generosity and liberality. How many a good thing has He given you! How many a favor has He granted you! He is your Lord and Guardian, Who created and guided you, to whom your life and your death belong, Who gives you to eat and drink, Who provides and looks after you, Who shelters you and gives you refuge.
He sees your ugly behavior and conceals it; you ask Him to forgive you and He does so, and He sees your righteous behavior and increases and manifests it. You obey Him by His providence and aid and He mentions your name in the Unseen, and casts respect and love for you into the hearts of others. You disobey Him using His favors, yet disobedience does not make Him withhold His favors. How can you love other than this Generous God? Or how could you disobey this Compassionate Lord?

Imam Al-Haddad, The Book of Assistance