* The holy Prophet sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wasalam passed through so many situations of abandonment, loss, disappointments. But “with hardship there comes ease” As individuals we may feel as if we are in a state of crisis. The holy prophet has already been there; we are in very good company and should not despair. Allah brings the greatest good out of those times of darkness. We only experience true light when we have been through the tunnel. Its only when we have been right down, we can appreciate the beauty of being in the light. It’s part of the human condition. It’s only through the dark times the good times come.

* Allah’s creation is beautiful. Ugliness is only the creation of human beings.

* Our lives are His gifts; everything is His gift.

* Allah protects us. He veils our frustrations, our inward desires, our faults. Allah knows everything! He hides them. Allah has prevented us from seeing the inward ugliness of others.

* Our security shouldn’t come from anyone else or our deeds, but it should come from Allah’s Mercy.

*Serenity opens the door to paradise….

~ Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad , Rihla 2011, Bursa, Turkey (Paraphrased)

More gems to follow inshaAllah ta’Ala……

(Photos courtesy- Ibrahim Varachia. Please keep him in your prayers. Please do not re-use or save the photo without permission. )