Loving the Beloved

By Tun Wildan

The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, said that “None of you will believe until I am more beloved to him than his father, his children and all people.” We hear of this hadith repeatedly and strive to achieve this. This is especially pertinent in this month of the birth of our beloved Prophet.  We learn from our teachers that this love needs to shine from within ourselves and spread to its surroundings.  Ibn Ataillah Al-Askandari mentioned that the things which are embedded in the recesses of our heart, are manifested in the testimony of our limbs.

Appropriate to this month of the mawlid, I leave you with this beautiful qasida which are sung as a lamentation of the lovers of the beloved throughout the muslim lands – Talama ashku gharami.

For so long I complained my yearning of you, O light of existence,

And I keep calling O Tihami, source of excellent and sublimity.

 My hope, my utmost goal is to see you,

As i see As-Salam gate, O He whose essence is purity.

O my brothers, I am a lover, I am infatuated,

Guilty of it, and the praise not-befitting.

O Israfil  what a death, the love exhausted me,

I have a strong expectation of the promise, O the loyal of promises.

 O light of the prophets, O summit of purity,

O leader of the people of taqwa, my heart is one with you.

 Allah invoked peace upon you,

My Lord, Master of all majesty.

It’s enough for me O light of Allah, the separation  is too long,

My master, all my life you are my beloved, hasten my meeting with you.

© Tun WildanRabi’ al-Awwal 1433/February 2012