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Muhammad, the Beloved (peace be upon you)

By Hosai Mojaddidi

Muhammad, the Beloved (peace be upon you)

Silently you came into this world and modestly you left.

Honoring the earth with each step you took and with every breath.

You humbled the sun and moon with the light emanating from your eyes.

You crumbled the mountains to grains of sand as they listened to your cries.

The stars were luminous until your smile captured their light.

The sky never felt such weakness until it saw your might.

The battlefield was intense with fear each time you rose your sword.

You were fearful of no one, but always in awe of your Lord.

You are worthy of praise, above any other creation indeed.

The door to success awaits us all and you are the only key.

No one has yet to cross this earth who can compare in any way.

You are the Beloved, Muhammad, peace be upon you, we pray.

© Hosai Mojaddidi, January 2012

A beautiful friend of mine Hosai Mojaddidi, has recently started a new website (in collaboration with her cousin Dr. Nafisa Sekandari) called Mental Health 4 Muslims. The site aims to highlight important mental health issues such as depression, stress, trauma, chemical dependency, eating disorders, shame, domestic violence, sexuality, marital discord, child development, etc. I highly recommend visiting their website, and feel that both Hosai and Dr. Nafisa are offering a great service to the Muslim community by tackling issues which most likely are swept under the carpet and ignored.

Please visit: Mental Health 4 Muslims

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