The Islamic year of 1430 is about to start in a day or so (depends where you are located on the globe!); so will the Gregorian calendar year of 2009. As the New Year approaches, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

It’s good to leave each day behind,
like flowing water, free of sadness.
Yesterday is gone and its tale told.
Today new seeds are growing.
~Mawlana Rumi

The new Islamic year begins with the blessed month of Muharram. Our beloved Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wasalam said:

“The best of fasts besides the month of Ramadhan is the fasting of Allah’s month of Muharram.” (Sahih Muslim)

Aunty Noor has posted some beneficial information regarding the significance of this very special month- check it out!

May the New Year bring much joy, peace and serenity to our hearts. May Allah subhanahu wa’ tala bring ease, openings and success to all those who have been afflicted with hardships and trials. Over and above all, may we live each day, each second in His remembrance, and in gratitude to Him; and may we be closer to Him subhanahu wa’ tala, and our beloved Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wasalam. Allahumma Amin ya Rabb!